Our business intelligence capabilities encompass a wide range of both industry-specific and overall benefit trends surveys on benchmarking, employee preference, attitude about the workplace, leadership and corporate vision.

Ascende Energy Acumen

Ascende Energy Acumen is the leading source of benefits benchmarking information for the oil and gas industry.

We survey the domestic and international assignee employee benefits of oil and gas companies and present comprehensive results at the annual Ascende Energy Forums. A unique report on international assignee benefits is provided to companies participating in our Global Employee Benefit Plan Survey. Sector-specific reports are also delivered to participating companies.

Ascende Energy Forums

We host the annual Ascende Energy Forums bringing the leaders of each of the energy sectors together to discuss the survey findings and benefits developments, and to explore how different sectors are responding to current market conditions. The forums include a special session covering benefit trends that impact the globally mobile workforce. These are exclusive events, open only to key personnel of companies participating in the Ascende energy industry and global benefits surveys.

Energy Industry Surveys

Our energy industry surveys are designed to meet the needs expressed by those companies that participate. Each of the surveys measures and reports benefits plan design and coverage features, costs, cost sharing and trends in human resource programs. The surveys cover health care (medical, pharmacy, dental, vision), life, accident, disability, retirement, wellness and paid time off programs.

Exploration and Production Benefit Plan Survey

Ascende launched the Exploration and Production Benefit Plan survey in 2012. This survey is open to stand-alone exploration and production companies and conglomerates with exploration and production components. In 2016, the survey's fifth year, 26 companies participated and provided data for over 16,000 employees.

Drilling Industry Benefit Plan Survey

The Drilling Industry Benefit Plan survey includes the top land, shallow water and deep water drilling companies in the world. In its tenth year, the survey isolates, captures and reports results specific to onshore and offshore populations. The 2016 results included 17 companies and over 28,000 employees.

Midstream Industry Benefit Plan Survey

Launched in 2011, the Midstream Industry Benefit Plan survey is dedicated to companies who focus on the transportation, storage and distribution of refined and unrefined petroleum products. This includes interstate and intrastate pipelines, gathering, processing and treating services for natural gas and natural gas liquids. The 2016 survey included 18 companies and over 31,000 employees.

Energy Services Benefit Plan Survey

In its twelfth year, this survey includes, but is not limited to, companies who manufacture or provide services in reservoir development, well operations, drill bits, systems and fluids, wireline services, seismic, logging, artificial lift systems, pressure pumping, and drill pipe. In 2016, 36 companies participated and provided data for over 88,000 employees across the energy services sector.  

Engineering and Construction Benefit Plan Survey

Ascende launched the Engineering and Construction Benefit Plan survey in 2013. It is open to engineering and construction companies serving the energy industry. In 2016, the survey's fourth year, 6 companies participated and provided data for nearly 30,000 employees.

Global Employee Benefit Plan Survey

In its ninth year, the Global Employee Benefit Plan survey measures the unique benefit practices and trends specific to the needs of a globally mobile workforce. The survey was established based on the recognition of the sizable investment and the competitive nature of global assignments, as well as the direct link to the overall business strategy. The survey focuses on U.S. expatriates, inpatriates, third country nationals, rotators and commuters, key local nationals and temporary assignees. The 2016 survey included 21companies supporting over 6,000 international assignees.

Benefit Cost & Market Trend Survey

The Ascende Benefit Cost & Market Trend survey explores the year-over-year changes in employee benefit plan designs—health, welfare, retirement and paid time off—and the associated changes in the costs of medical plans. This is a national benefit plan survey open to all for-profit companies with 100 or more employees. There is no cost to participate. Published results for 2016 included 133 participating companies representing over 247,000 employees.