Business Intelligence

As a business leader, retaining your top performers is key to business growth and success, and vital in winning the war on talent. This is particularly true when your labor market is tight like in the energy industry today.

In order to retain talent and remain competitive, you need specific facts and statistics—relevant and current benchmarking data—to set and guide your strategic course. That's why we work with you to identify the quantitative and qualitative data points that are critical to comparing program performance and forecasting future direction.

Driving Business Success

With over 14 years of experience with business intelligence tools, Ascende has become an industry leader in the collection, analysis and reporting of survey data specific to employee benefit plan and program design, standards and cost. This investment in business intelligence gives our consultants a great understanding of the market and what it takes to remain competitive and, in turn, gives you the information necessary to remain ahead of the curve.

Customized to Your Needs

Our web-based survey tool was developed and is supported by in-house applications programmers and designers, and can be customized to support changing business needs. Our business intelligence team develops overall survey result calculations as well as unique custom calculations and analysis.

Each year our survey focus grows to address and incorporate new market demands.

The following surveys are anticipated for 2015:

  • Ascende Energy Acumen - energy industry surveys specific to the domestic employees of companies that have operations in the following energy sectors:
    • Exploration and production
    • Drilling (onshore and offshore)
    • Midstream
    • Energy services
    • Engineering and construction 
  • Global Employee Benefit Plan Survey - targeted to U.S. companies with globally mobile employee populations
  • Benefit Cost & Market Trend Survey - open to all for-profit companies with over 100 employees


We understand the importance of confidentiality. Our surveys are conducted using a secure online application with a username and password unique to your company. Survey results are reported confidentially.