Ascende continuously invests in the tools, resources and compliance training programs our consulting teams need to help you manage the ever-growing and changing compliance requirements related to employees and benefit plans.

We proactively inform and educate all of our clients and the business community around new and developing compliance requirements through advisories and white papers. Additionally, we host events to provide an educational and interactive forum to discuss key topics and issues. While we appreciate the value of these general informational updates, we encourage our consulting teams to concentrate on compliance as it specifically impacts each client individually.

Compliance Policy Management

We provide expansive compliance monitoring and technical guidance by:

  • Annually collaborating with every client to establish the strategy to meet key compliance requirements and deadlines, as well as meeting periodically to review progress and upcoming tasks
  • Serving as a resource for compliance, operation and administration questions and issues
  • Providing Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report (SAR) management and support, including audit support for retirement and trust funded plans
  • Providing comprehensive health care reform modeling and implementation
  • Analyzing new regulations, rulings and guidance to understand health care reform's impact on employer/plan sponsor requirements, costs and employee disclosures

Expert Witness Services

Our expert witness services include:

  • Providing expert witness reports and testimony in arbitration and court cases involving benefits and human capital matters
  • Consulting with attorneys and employers/plan sponsors on strategy related to arbitration and court cases involving benefits and human capital matters