Effective workplace communication gives life to corporate initiatives and helps improve how well they are received. Communication bridges the gap between employer and employee to help ensure a successful, positive response.

The most successful organizations understand that engaging employees through a well-crafted communications initiative is the key to creating a cohesive culture. It motivates employees to optimally perform in support of the organization's goals. It heightens employee awareness, enhances their perceived value in employer-sponsored rewards and benefits programs and boosts morale, resulting in a positive work experience.

Ultimately, an effective internal communications plan improves productivity and employee retention, strengthens your recruiting position and leads to higher customer satisfaction scores.

Communication Management

At Ascende, we know that communication comes in many forms and there's no one-size-fits-all success package. Our full-service, in-house communications team uses the art of effective messaging to share information with your employees in a way that is clear and meaningful to them specifically.

We work efficiently and nimbly to guide you through each project, from strategy to execution. And since we start with a blank slate, we're able to tailor each solution to fit your unique needs, helping you reach your goals while maximizing efficiency.

Increase Employee Engagement

Our approach begins with an understanding of your existing communication practices, as well as the company's specific goals and objectives. From there, we create targeted strategies that support those initiatives.

Our communications team is able to provide guidance and tailored solutions in all of the following areas:

Communications assessment:

  • Understanding company philosophies around communications, employee engagement, benefits and rewards
  • Discovering the current level of employee understanding and engagement
  • Researching employees' current communications preferences and level of comfort with technology

Employee engagement strategy:

  • Identifying target audiences, key messages and delivery options
  • Determining tone, look and feel of communication campaigns and agreeing on budget expectations

Branding and graphic design:

  • Creating a well-developed HR, benefits or wellness brand that builds employee appreciation and pride in the organization

Annual enrollment:

  • Facilitating the enrollment process by helping you deliver the right message to your employees
  • Educating and informing employees and their families of company-sponsored benefits

Compliance requirements:

  • Delivering required messages efficiently and creatively

Total reward statements:

  • Developing the right statement content and messaging to clearly communicate the value of your company's investment in each employee
  • Highlighting the hidden or forgotten reward components

Recruiting and retention:

  • Creating recruitment brochures and new hire materials to promote your company's culture and benefits from the beginning, resulting in a positive work environment

Change management:

  • Crafting the appropriate message during times of change, including mergers and acquisitions, reductions in force, new programs or performance management initiatives
  • Keeping employees accurately informed to reduce anxiety and hearsay and build trust

Employee education:

  • Creating employee campaigns on specific topics (e.g., wellness, safety, etc.) to help drive desired behaviors

Additionally, our in-house team of experts deliver in all current media formats:

  • Print - brochures, flyers, postcards, etc.
  • Web - custom designed and supported websites or applications
  • Emails and social media networks
  • CDs, videos and photography